... 05/02, día para el recuerdo, gracias hermano ...


nueva sección !!!

... RE - titulada: "fotos robadas a un blog frances y de paso le RE - coloco el logo" ...

... \(!)/ ...

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elpanel56 dijo...

Sorry I don't speak Spanish !!!!
If i don't put your name and your blog's link with the pic of your ride!!! I'm sorry for You, but i can't remember where i found all pics after some month later, but i think on MEANBUGS!!!
You tell about me "pic catcher". But i never deleted a logo or the name the photographer "MAXIMDEKNOCK" for you're ride pics, like you did with my logo!!! ;-)

You'll find a lot of pics on the web and on VW forum with my logo ..... I'm proud of it and It's not for that, that I accuse people of thieves.
It was easier for you to send me a mail for that!!!
If you don't like see your nice pics anywhere, don't put it on the WEB!!!

Thanks to don't delete that too ;-)